Traditional Halal Soups

Gourmet Halal Soups

Halal Readymade Meals offer a range of Halal Certified Soups that are both traditional and contemporary.  So are all vegetable soups not Halal I hear you ask…the answer is no…What about the stock, the cooking premises and equipment, check out our information on Halal certification.

A unique point that is all our soups are thickened with either potato or Carrageenan Moss Seaweed from the Aran Islands off the Irish Coast.

Ideal for Halal UK markets

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We offer a range of Halal certified traditional British Style soups that are both meat and vegetable based.

Our Halal soups range is also gluten-free and come in a variety of puree and chunky styles.

Perfect for the Halal UK market.

We also offer a new range of modern contemporary certified Halal soups that simply are not available in the food service sector in the UK or Ireland.

This is your chance to be ahead of your competitors

All our soups can be eaten by people on a Halal and non-Halal diet, the quality is fantastic and this is supported by our multiple awards